Corporate Compliance

Anker Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and representative offices (hereinafter referred to as “Anker Innovations”, “the Company” or “we”) are committed to strictly complying with all applicable national and international trade policies and practices, including Chinese laws, relevant international trade compliance policies and practices, and applicable foreign laws and regulations. We realize that a robust and comprehensive compliance program can help avoid compliance risks, shape an active and responsible company image, enhance mutual trust and transparency, and strengthen global partnerships. This enables us to devote ourselves to the research and development of technology, enhance our competitiveness in the international market, and provides greater possibilities to expand in the global market.

Anker Innovations is committed to a high standard of ethics and integrity in business practices around the world. The company firmly abides by the anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and other policies and regulations applicable in the countries where it operates and opposes any unethical practices. Anker Innovations has a “zero tolerance” attitude towards any form of corruption. No matter where we do business, we uphold the values of transparency and integrity in our dealings with our business partners and governments.

Anker Innovations ensures that every employee and individual is protected and respected. We strictly adhere to principles regarding human rights protection, prohibition of slavery/child labor/forced labor, and make every effort to convey and promote our values and cooperative principles of human rights protection and prohibition of forced labor throughout our supply chain. We consistently uphold responsible and sustainable procurement and supply chain compliance management.

Anker Innovations will strictly abide by the applicable laws and regulations on product safety and environmental protection worldwide, fulfill its compliance commitment to society and consumers, and actively adhere to the corresponding compliance obligations of the Company.

Dedicated to building a world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of smart electronic products, Anker Innovations has always recognized the importance of cybersecurity and data protection, and takes the corresponding responsibilities seriously. Anker Innovations is committed to comply with cybersecurity and data privacy protection laws applicable in all jurisdictions around the world. We will monitor and manage access to sensitive information and private data by our employees and partners to prevent certain individuals or organizations from using it for malicious purposes.

The Company has established the Legal Department and Internal Control Audit Department to ensure compliance and supervise the continuous and effective implementation of internal compliance policies and systems. The Company regularly conducts compliance audits and