Anti-Curruption Policy

Anker Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices (hereinafter referred to as “Anker Innovations” or the “Company”) believe that corruption severely damages fair market competition and is a threat to the development of our society, economy and enterprises. Anker Innovations upholds the principles of conducting business ethically and with integrity, and Anker Innovations complies with all applicable laws and regulations in any country or jurisdiction it operates in, including China’s anti-corruption laws, the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the United Kingdom’s Bribery Act of 2010. Anker Innovations applies a “Zero-Tolerance” approach towards corruption. In the process of conducting business operations, Anker Innovations upholds ethical standards and will not attempt to directly or indirectly influence others through payment or provision of any form of bribery.

With active and effective measures, Anker Innovations has established a managerial system to deter and detect any acts of corruption. Anker Innovations requires all Anker Innovations Technology employees to comply with the Anker Integrity and Self-Discipline Rules. It is our policy that any employee or any other person/entity who acts on behalf of Anker Innovations must not, directly or indirectly, offer bribes to any government official or any other third-party person/entity in order to gain business advantages. If, for the same purpose, any supplier, agent, consultant or business partner of Anker Innovations(as “Partners”) offers bribes to any Anker Innovations employee, the employee must reject the bribe and report the case to the Company. The company has the Anker Integrity and Self-Reporting System and the Anker Integrity and Self-Discipline Information Reward Scheme. In our cooperation with Partners, via contractual covenants and our partner monitors procedures and processes, Anker Innovations requires all of its Partners to comply with Anker Innovations’ Anti-corruption Statement and also to restrict their business behaviors to avoid unethical behaviors.

This statement is applicable to Anker Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. and all its subsidiaries and affiliates which are directly or indirectly controlled by Anker Innovations Technology Co., Ltd.


Anker Innovations Reporting Channels

We encourage you to report any corruption, fraud, or violations involving Anker employees that have occurred or may occur through the following channels:

?We recommend that you use the Anker Innovations reporting system to report, and also accept that you provide reporting materials by email. It is recommended that you leave your real name or provide effective contact information when reporting, so that we can contact you for more information and conduct a comprehensive investigation. At the same time, we will ensure that anonymous reports with valid reporting information are treated seriously. We have taken strict confidentiality measures to ensure that your identity and the information you provide are not disclosed.

Please do not fabricate or maliciously attack or defame Anker Innovations employees. You should be aware that the information you provide may be used for criminal prosecution, and Anker Innovations reserves the right to pursue legal action if such behavior is discovered.

Reports of Anker Innovations employees’ violations should include but are not limited to:

??? (1.) Violation of rules and regulations

??? (2.) Falsification and fraud

??? (3.) Disclosure of trade secrets

??? (4.) Accepting gifts or bribes from other companies or individuals

??? (5.) Using the company’s work and authority to seek personal gains

??? (6.) Investment or employment with partners and affiliates

??? (7.) Attending and participating in dinners or parties with suppliers or potential suppliers

??? (8.) Giving customers, sales agents, or other partners unfair advantages