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    Anker Innovations 2022 ESG Report

    From Steven Yang, CEO and Founder, Anker Innovations:

    As a global consumer electronics company, we are creating new and innovative technologies every day to help improve people’s lives around the world. As a global business, we must also take an innovative approach toward making our products and operations more sustainable.

    Our holistic approach starts at the R&D level, developing products that are more sustainable and energy efficient,

    and then continues throughout the entire value chain, including manufacturing and product packaging.

    ?Over the last 11 years, there have been several key milestones that illustrate our strong commitment to the Environment.


      • In 2012, we began introducing biodegradable materials into product packaging.

      • In 2013, we launched our PowerIQ technology, helping us create our first universal charger, capable of supporting

      • multiple devices and multiple charging standards, and ultimately, reducing e-waste by eliminating consumers’ need

      • to purchase multiple charging accessories.

      • In 2018, we used gallium nitride (GaN) to create energy-efficient charging accessories, saving up to 7% in energy

      • consumption with every charge.

      • In 2022, we integrated GaN technology into our portable power stations, reducing energy loss by 60%, decreasing the

      • working temperature by 30% and making these products last longer and become much more energy efficient.

      • In 2022, we launched the bio-based charging cable, reducing the use of plastic in the exterior cable sheath by over

      • 40%.

      • In 2023, we stepped up our focus on sustainability, partnering with Oceana, the largest international advocate

      • for Ocean conservation. We also received our first carbon-neutral verifications from Carbon Trust for several

      • of our charging accessories. And we launched the first phase of our “Anker RE[Charge]” initiative, outlining our

      • commitment to making our charging business more sustainable.

    In 2022, Anker Innovations celebrated its first decade in business. We have grown into a global company with more than 3,600 employees, selling more than 80 million products and services each year to more than 140 million loyal users.

    Our Anker Innovations 2022 ESG Report outlines how we will balance efforts to continue growing our business by working to mitigate the impact our products and processes have on the environment. This includes making our products more energy efficient, reducing carbon emissions in all of our processes, eliminating plastic packaging, and finding ways to reduce electronic waste.