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    Anker introduces the Nano?3 (30W) charger, more compact?and?powerful?than?ever?

    Available in a variety of fresh color ways, there's an?Anker?Nano for every iPhone

    Anker, the world’s #1 mobile charging brand1, today announced the Anker 511 (Nano 3) charger. Designed with Apple customers in mind, the Nano 3 features a new foldable plug and a single 30W USB-C port that can quickly power select iPhone and iPad Pro models, MacBook Air and a variety of other USB-C devices.

    Its impossibly small form factor and sleek color options make it equal parts essential and stylish. The Nano 3 is launching alongside and bundled with other color-coordinating charging accessories including the industry’s first bio-based USB-C charging cables made from plant-based materials.

    High-speed USB-C charging

    Providing a quality charging experience for the latest Apple devices, Anker’s Nano 3 can charge select iPhone models up to 50% in as little as 30 minutes. Equipped with PowerIQ 3.0, the Nano 3 delivers optimized charging speed to any device, and also supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS) for compatibility with Samsung Super Fast Charging.

    Compact design = Less plastic

    This compact sized charger with GaN tech comes with a foldable plug that makes the Nano 3 not only more portable, but more sustainable too since it is constructed using 30.9g less plastic than comparable chargers(2).

    Greener packaging

    This commitment to reducing plastic extends to the packaging as well. Each Nano 3 comes lovingly packaged using 90% less plastic(3) and features an inner tray made from pulp instead of plastic. The packaging paper is FSC-certified 100% recyclable and printing is done using recyclable soy ink.

    A safer way to charge

    With all the possible use cases, Anker’s exclusive ActiveShield? 2.0 technology offers heat protection to safeguard connected devices by intelligently monitoring temperature and adjusting power output. The sensor monitors temperature over 3 million times per day.

    Product specifications

    Total Wattage30W
    Input100-240V~1.0A 50-60Hz
    Output5.0V==3.0A 15.0W / 9.0V==3.0A 27.0W / 15.0V==2.0A 30.0W / 20.0V==1.5A 30.0W (30.0W Max)PPS: 3.3-11.0V=3.0A Max (30.0W Max) 3.3-16.0V=2.0A Max (30.0W Max)

    Price and availability

    The Nano 3 is available today on Amazon and Anker.com for $22.99. To celebrate the first two weeks of launch, Nano 3 can be purchased for the special promo price of $20.69 (9/6-9/19).

    Save even more by bundling the Nano 3 with Anker’s new Bio-Based USB-C charging cables (white and purple skus only, cable is 6ft C-L, $37.99. The white bundle will be on promo for $34.19 9/6-9/19). Available today on Amazon and Anker.com.

    Pricing of the Anker Nano 3 in the UK, DE and other EU markets are listed below.

    • DE: €24.99 (€22.49 deal price)
    • UK: £22.99 (£20.69 deal price)

    About Anker

    Anker is the world’s #1 mobile charging brand and a developer of charging technologies for the home, car, and on the go. Anker kick-started the GaN (Gallium Nitride) revolution in 2018 by introducing the first commercially available GaN-powered fast charger. Today, Anker has continued to innovate in the charging space by introducing new charging accessories for virtually all mobile devices. This includes wall plugs, solar and wireless chargers, car chargers, power banks, and high-capacity portable power stations. Find out more about Anker at http://www.anker.com.

    About Anker Innovations Anker Innovations is a global leader in charging technology and a developer of unique, consumer electronic products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment, and the emerging smart home space. This innovation is being led by its six key brands: Anker, AnkerWork, eufy, Nebula, soundcore and AnkerMake. More information on Anker Innovations and its various brands can be found at anker.com.

    PR Contact


    lorna.smith@anker.com (UK) // robert.berg@anker.com (DE)

    1Data source: Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., measured in terms of retail sales value in 2020, based on research conducted in 11-2021. Brands are defined as mobile charging brands if more than 75% of their retail sales are contributed by mobile phone charging products. Mobile phone charging products include chargers, wireless chargers, power banks, and charging cables, and these accessories can also be used for other consumer electronics devices.

    2Data based on Aug 2022 internal testing comparing Anker Nano 3 to an original 30W charger.

    3Calculated based on Aug. 2022 internal testing to measure the weight of plastic reduced in the packaging.